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What We Do

Progress Precision Engineering offer a complete service. We can provide specialist and technical advice, design support and product development, through to high or low volume production, to assist you with all your requirements.

Our Services

radan - Computer Aided Design
. RADAN is the total CAD CAM solution for cutting, bending & punching sheet metal ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow from design to manufacture

CNC turningCNC Turning. Providing high levels of skill and state of the art modern machine tools, resulting in top quality high end machined components for our national and international client base.


CNC milling

CNC Milling. Accuracy, precision and efficiency are core words commonly associated with CNC Milling and are certainly words we associate with the services we offer.

CNC Sheet Metal

CNC Sheet Metal Work. Progress has the equipment and expertise to handle the entire spectrum of sheet processing, Shearing, Laser Profiling and CNC Punching.



Welding and Fabrication. We offer high quality coded welding and fabrication in TIG, MMA and MIG in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium and specialist alloys.

Welding Qualifications: Code / Testing Standard BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004, TIG MS/SS 10mm F 3HV Fillet Weld, Code / Testing Standard BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004 MAG 355 30mm F6 HV Fillet Weld (FW) Progress 1012, Code / Testing Standard BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004 Butt Welds (1) Fillet Welds (2)  10mm 316L Fillet BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004 Butt Welds (1) Fillet Welds (2)  5mm TIG 316L Fillet BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004 Fillet Weld 5mm TIG 316L Butt BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004 Butt Welds (1) Fillet Welds (2)


CNC Tube

CNC Tube and Bar Forming. Our CNC bending machines cover a size range up to and including 3 inches (75 mm) Our substantial capacity ensures flexibility across the size ranges.


Oil and Gas Industry Sector. Progress Precision Engineering provides fabrications andOil and Gas repair and modification requirements to the oil and gas on and offshore in both stainless steel and mild steel materials ranging from top side modules, subsea housings, nitrogen skid units, storage tanks and vessels and wire line tooling equipment.
We also provide full load testing facilities and weld verification; with all work completed under stringent controls of personnel, material procurement and usage concluding with us providing full completion/certification packs and certificate of conformity

FinishFinishing. Your finish requirements can be supplied in a wide range of finishes and coatings. Grit blasting, galvanizing, powder coating, wet spray, anodising, Zinc spray, Alochrome and plating are just some of the finishes our validated sub contrators can offer.

On Site Work:

 Progress Precision Engineering can install what we manufacture – from industrial plants in the food processing to petro-chemical and energy industries. Our company has a great many years of experience in these areas and prides itself on customer satisfaction and the accredited health and safety systems we provide on our clients’ sites.


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We offer a comprehensive range of services from design concept to the finished product